OnDemand Leak Detection FL provides affordable answers and solutions to homeowners, business owners and property managers who suspect that they have water intrusion problems in their buildings.

Leaks are more common in older properties, but newer properties can have leaks as well. Poor workmanship, settling, and corrosion can cause sudden, catastrophic pipe damage. If left unrepaired, the leaking water can damage your property to the point of rendering it unusable.

The first step in repairing a leak is to find out where the leak originated. Since water travels in specific but unpredictable patterns, finding the exact origin of the leak can be difficult. Expert plumbers are experienced with inspecting complex water trails and formulating effective leak repair plans based on the source of the leak..

Surveying the property to gauge where a leak could have surfaced is another common technique used by leak repair experts. The ground is softer and less absorptive near the leak site; this gives the leak repair expert an idea of where to start the leak repair process. If an outside pipe is the suspected problem, contractors will dig in the area where the ground is losing its density and firmness.

Leak repair experts must tread lightly to avoid sinking heavy construction equipment into the soft earth and causing more damage.